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Turnkey Construction Services

Worksite featuring turnkey construction servicesTurnkey Construction Solutions
From Prime Builder Services

Prime Builder Services Logo Turnkey construction services and Turnkey Framing from Prime Builder Services combine the supplier and the installer. This service removes the headaches that can occur between the blueprint and the installed product. Estimating, planning, proofreading of shop drawings, logistics and delivery, volatile material prices, and a thorough labor estimate, are all contained in a single – and fixed – price. You will also have the same project manager who handles each phase of the turnkey construction project.

Builder Service Categories

• Turnkey Framing
 Prime Builder Services
• Building Supply

To answer the needs of our building supply customers, GR Mitchell was one of the first turn key builders in the area to offer turnkey framing. Our Prime Builder Services works with developers, general contractors, project owners, and builders from large commercial to small residential projects. We combine our high-performance planning and delivery services with our skilled and trusted local laborers. Our experienced project managers supervise your entire project through each stage of completion to ensure it is a superior job completed efficiently and on time.

“In listening to our customers, we saw an opportunity in the marketplace to provide turnkey services, taking the products we have always supplied and pairing that with the installation as well. Essentially we’ve created a package construction service that simplifies the lives of our contractors by putting the entire scope of work and the liability on us.”
– Tom Keller President of Prime Builder Services

To learn more about GR Mitchell’s growth and Prime Builder Services, visit our Prime Builder Services page.

Types of Turnkey Construction Services We Offer:

  • Turnkey Framing Contractors
    Prime Builder Services works with developers, general contractors, project owners, and builders from large commercial to small residential wood frame projects. To learn more, visit our Turnkey Framing page.
  • Commercial Door Installation Contractors
    Our team works with you to specify and select the right doors for the application. We also deliver, frame, and hang the doors for a single price.
  • Interior Trim And Finish Carpentry Services
    By combining your interior trim supplier and installer, we are able to improve the efficiency and accountability of your trim projects.
  • Custom Architectural Millwork Supply And Installation
    With access to our own Custom Millwork shop, we are able to source the exact components you need, then deliver and install on site.
  • Turnkey Commercial Cabinet Installation
    Using our close relationships with cabinetry suppliers and installers, as well as display resources from our Cabinetry Showrooms we are able to plan, deliver, and install cabinets for your commercial and residential building projects.


Advantages of Turnkey Construction Services:

Improved Efficiency
By using a single source for take off and estimating, scheduling, delivery of building supplies, and labor, the general contractor can spend their time managing other areas of the project, or can manage more projects at one time.

With a single source handling the job from start to finish, there is no confusion on what is needed for the job. The supplier and installer are on the same team and following the same turnkey construction plan.

Fixed Pricing
Variable costs can wreak havoc on a project’s bottom line. These variations can come from changes in material costs, creeping labor costs, and the need for additional building supplies that were lost or damaged on the site. With fixed pricing, you can be guaranteed to protect your profit margins.

Future of Construction listed the top 4 challenges facing the construction industry. They were:

  1. Poor productivity and profitability
  2. Project performance
  3. Skilled labor shortages
  4. Sustainability concerns

Turnkey framing and building installation services address three out of four of those issues. By taking care of the variables in materials, quality, and labor costs, you are eliminating the financial risk these challenges bring. You are also dealing with a single, accountable construction services provider.

The shortage of skilled labor in the industry makes it hard to ensure that a project is going to come in on time and on budget. The quality of work can vary between subcontractors. Coordination between multiple companies adds to the complexity, and there is potential for losses in productivity and project performance. Turnkey construction suppliers have centralized supervision of the whole project from estimating to installation and have access to the top-performing subcontractors.

Overall Satisfaction
Our Prime Builder Services will handle every aspect of each turnkey construction service from planning to cleanup. We pride ourselves on our ability to do the job at the contracted time and cost. As the GC, you will have one less component to worry about in your project.

We are eager to talk more about our turnkey framing and installation services. Call us at 800-887-4577 or send us an email at You can also visit our Building Supply Counter at our location in Willow Street PA.