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Marvin Windows and Doors Premier Dealer

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We are Your Marvin Windows and Doors Dealerin Lancaster PA

GR Mitchell is more than just the Marvin Windows dealer near you. As the Marvin Windows and Doors Premier Dealer of Lancaster County, we are authorized to sell all three of the Marvin Brands: Marvin Windows and Doors, Integrity Windows and Doors, and Infinity Replacement Windows. Give us a call or stop by our window showroom.

Marvin Authorized Retailer
GR Mitchell
14 Beaver Valley Pike
Willow Street, PA 17584


Store Hours:
Mon – Fri: 7am – 7pm

Saturday: 7am – 5pm
Sunday: 10am – 3pm

Why Marvin® Brand Windows and Doors?

For more than four generations, Marvin Windows and Doors are built on a foundation of values and quality. Marvin still makes their windows and doors with techniques that have been refined and perfected over decades to meet the project’s exact specifications. The high quality and long-term value of Marvin products are a direct result of their craftsmanship, innovation, and ability to create windows and doors to match almost any design and specification.

Lasting Value
Marvin Windows and Doors are not mass produced. High quality wood or durable, long-lasting, extruded aluminum cladding are crafted to last for generations. Since each product is crafted to customer specifications, you will not find Marvin Windows and Doors at the big box stores. To preserve their quality standards and unparalleled level of customer service, Marvin only offers their windows and doors directly through qualified independent dealers like GR Mitchell. We have the right product expertise and will work with you to find the best solution. We can recommend installers and support each Marvin product so you can have worry-free beauty in your home year after year.

Built around you®
In most construction projects, you need to build your plan around the specifications of the window and door options you are given. Marvin does it the other way around by offering extensive flexibility in your size, shape, style, and finishing options, so you have virtually infinite design options with Marvin’s standard products. If you have an idea you want to explore, the craftsmen and Marvin® Signature Services will work with you directly to build a fully custom solution to bring your vision to life.

Maximum Energy Efficiency
Windows and doors need to be more than beautiful. They need to function perfectly and protect your home from the elements. Marvin does not sacrifice function for beauty. As an industry leader in innovation and energy efficiency, Marvin is able to help you control your long-term energy costs with ENERGY STAR® and NFRC certified products. Using features like insulating gas injected between panes, advanced framing design, multiple pane glass layers, and reflective coatings that help block ultraviolet rays, Marvin will work with you to help you cut your energy cost AND enhance the beauty of your home.

In high-performance, Net Zero, Passive, LEED® buildings, windows are a key consideration. Marvin works with builders, architects, and homeowners to make sure the wide range of ENERGY STAR® rated wood and clad-wood doors and windows can meet their needs. In fact, over 16,000 of Marvin’s certified window, door, and glass options meet a .20 U-factor or lower to exceed your energy performance goals.

Window and Door Styles and Info

Marvin offers the following enhanced lines and services in addition to their standard windows and doors:

Marvin® Signature Services
If you need a fully custom, and unique window or door solution, your project team can partner with Marvin Signature Services. Marvin Signature Services engineers work with you to take on the toughest engineering challenge. Large spans of glass, intricate historic reproductions and complicated structural specifications Marvin Signature Services will help make your vision a reality.

Marvin® Contemporary Studio
Marvin Contemporary Studio windows and doors feature large spans of glass, and narrow frames to maximize your view and put you closer to the outdoors. Marvin’s Contemporary Studio aluminum clad-wood and wood windows use modern hardware and clean lines to give you a modern view with very little clutter and a maximim amount of light.

StormPlus Windows
We do not have many hurricanes in Lancaster County. However, many locations in PA, DE, and MD are subject to harsh weather. If you are looking for windows that can take a beating, you can not get much tougher than StormPlus windows and doors. Specially engineered for hurricane force winds and impact resistance, these windows and doors use laminated glass, sophisticated locking hardware, and commercial grade aluminum cladding to stand up to whatever is thrown at them.

Impact and Cycle Tested
To test StormPlus windows, Marvin uses an air cannon to shoot an 8 foot 2 x 4 at 50 feet per second. On impact, the glass will crack, but its laminated layers help retain the glass within the unit. StormPlus windows and doors also go through pressure cycling tests that simulates the intense pushing and pulling forces of hurricane winds. If these windows and doors can meet International Building Codes for coastal areas, they can handle the worst Eastern weather.

Learn More about Marvin Windows

To learn more about Marvin Windows and Doors you can download our brochure on simplifying window and door replacement or visit the Marvin website. You can also visit our showroom or call us at 717-464-2999.